A Weekend for My Soul

I love my family! I have a pretty big family when I count all of my extended/adopted, and we might be a little crazy, or a lot crazy (that’s a blog for a different day)! But I just LOVE them!  I am so blessed with siblings, definitely haven’t always felt this way, but I know I wouldn’t change having them for anything!

The girls and I got to spend the weekend with my sister, Miranda, and let me just tell you – my soul was blessed!

When we get together (which needs to happen more often) there is always laughter until I am certain I will pee my pants. Tears, I am not a fan of goodbyes or see ya laters. Yummy food. Fun adventures. And did I mention the laughter?!

Laughter is good for the soul and this weekend, my soul overflowed! I cherish these times and the memories shared because I know that the days might seem long but the years are short.

Have a happy week and laugh with someone you love!

~a few pictures from our adventures~

2015-04-11 13.07.05

Crystal Bridges Museum

2015-04-12 09.28.31

They love to try on all of Aunt Mir’s cool shoes!


She is one special Aunt!




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