August 6th

To many it may just be another day on the calendar. But to me, it is a reminder of God’s redemption. A reminder that He makes things new. A reminder that He is love.

August 6, 2004 brought news of a baby to two young 20 year olds. Both still trying to finish college and trying to figure out life’s path for them. There is so much I would tell┬áthat young, first time momma, scared to death about the changes swirling around. The days ahead would be hard but oh so worth it. There would be tears, laughter, fear, joy, and everything in between.

Ally Baby

Fast forward 8 years and that sweet little bundle would make the biggest decision of her life and God would get the glory. Miss Ally decided in 2012 to let Jesus be Lord in her heart and life. And on August 6, 2012, she was baptized! A date that held memories of uncertainty and fear now held an unspeakable joy!

Ally Baptism

Then today, that sweet girl and her daddy came home from their very first church camp and this date was covered in another layer of joy – because that is what God does. He covers things with His goodness. He makes beautiful things from ashes. He lavishes with the deepest of loves.

Ally Camp

And I stand in awe.


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