Chasing the rabbit trail

Chasing the rabbit trail

Chasing the rabbit trail

For whatever reason God put it on my heart to write about this today. Maybe one of you reading needs to see this. I sure have at many points in my life…

Most of you have heard the phrase “chasing the rabbit trail”.  If not, it means basically chasing something that continually changes location.  Meaning, you will never get what you are chasing.

Much like the way a cat or dog will chase the light of a flashlight.  Maybe I’m the only weird one here who used to shine our flashlight at night on the ground and watch our dogs chase it and try to “get the light”.  Yep – I’m a little “off” 😉 Of course, we all know they never could “Get it”.

In my life we grew up without much.  Not compared to 3rd world countries, but for the USA things were tight.  So during high school I worked (ALOT) to try and earn money.  I counted my jobs one time.  I had 17 different jobs before starting college.

You see, if only I could have that newer car or stereo system or that computer or whatever, then my life would be better.  Unfortunately, that same logic really flowed into my adulthood.

If only I could get that college degree, computer certification, become friends with that person, have my girlfriend be a certain way, or you name it – I’d be HAPPY.  Our income levels jumped from just barely making it to living in plenty and being able to buy whatever we wanted.  However, I found myself so empty after each new purchase or each new goal attained.  I kept saying…things will be great when this happens (pick your poison..).

Any of you feel the same way?

Have you ever longed for something SOOOO bad, but when you get it there’s nothing but emptiness?

If you have, welcome to the club – you are HUMAN!   I want to share something I figured out in this life.

Jesus is the only trail worth chasing in this life.

Everything else will leave you empty and longing for more.  How painful it is to see friends and family chasing after things to find themselves…

I see young women looking for a guy to make them complete.

I see young men looking for a girl to make them complete.

I see couples chasing social status to “fit in”.

I see parents I love giving their kids everything to make them “happy”.

I see friends and family that don’t know Jesus that are chasing the rabbit trails of this world.

I see almost everyone chasing the almighty dollar.

I do not pretend to have this life figured out.  I take it day by day and thank God for the grace He has shown me. I do know this though…

“For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.” -Matthew 16:25 NIV

I’ve made more mistakes than most of you reading this and have probably committed more sins as well…  I do NOT say those words lightly.  I mean it.

Some of you think we are in Honduras to chase our passions.  Some that don’t even believe in God think it’s “neat” for us to do what makes us “happy”.

We are here for one reason and one reason only – to Serve our God.  We are trying daily to lose ourselves and do what He is asking us to do.  I’m tired of chasing rabbit trails that take me nowhere!

I want to chase Jesus until I have nothing left.

If you are chasing rabbit trails, please be honest with yourself.  Stop right now.  Pray for God’s guidance and that He would take those desires from you.  Pray for Him to heal you & show you what He wants you to do today.  Stop looking for the 20 year plan… Ask for direction for TODAY.



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  1. Jennifer
    July 6, 2013 at 8:15 am

    Great post!

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