We have known all along that God has been leading this whole journey, yet He continues to give us confirmation upon confirmation.  This last confirmation was a biggie…We got a full price offer on our house AND the people offered to let us stay in the house until the end of May!

YES, you read that right! After only 9 days on the market we got a FULL PRICE OFFER!  We know that things won’t always go smoothly, but we are praising God for this amazing confirmation.


Then this week brought another offer, $700 less than the previous offer!  So as it stands right now, we have a full contract and then a back-up contract in case the first falls through.

Those joining us in prayer, please praise and thank God for His guidance!


  1 comment for “Confirmations

  1. Marcinda
    March 1, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    God is SOOOO good… love you guys!!!

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