I am horrible with directions! Even with a map I can get lost pretty quickly. I have found myself in the middle of nowhere even while using my GPS.

Such an event occurred a few weeks ago when I was helping my mom with Valentine’s Day flower deliveries.  I headed out with some verbal directions on where I was headed, the addresses, and my GPS. I made the first delivery with no issues. So I typed in the second address. Address Not Found. Not to worry, I had remembered the general directions given to me, that should work! I drove and I drove and I drove. I didn’t see any of the signs or landmarks that I had been told about so I reached for my phone to learn that I had no cell signal. I panicked! Where was I? How do I find where I need to be? I have no way to call for help or directions!

And then a whisper in my soul, “Have you tried praying?” Well, um, no. So I prayed. And this might seem far fetched to some but this is just how AWESOME God is. He showed me the road to turn on and within 5 minutes my delivery was made!

How many times do we search other things for direction?

John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”


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