warning: semi-lengthy post but an awesome God story below

Shortly after we returned to the States from Honduras, He put Mercy Ships on our radar.  We went and visited the organization but just didn’t have the energy to relocate our family.  Nick and I thought, one day, maybe…just not right now.  Fast forward through a year of immense healing, we found ourselves visiting again.  This time it was different.  Well for me, anyways. Maybe we can get Nick to write about his take on it soon!

My idea for this trip was to learn more about Mercy Ships and let Nick do a serving project with their IT department. I had no idea the amount of personal healing, reflection, and revitalization that would take place.  Tuesday night, Nick and I went for a drive. (The car is a good and a bad place to have BIG discussions.)  Lets just say that hashing out the ups and downs of the first few days and trying to gauge what God was telling us was not necessarily the highlight of the trip. But in that conversation Nick spoke life into me.  He said one simple statement that I will thank him for saying a million times over, “I want you to find out what God wants for you here.” In that moment, I was free!

Before I go any further, my husband is a kind man and not controlling in any way.  The enemy had me weighed down and when Nick spoke those words, it felt as if I could breathe a little easier.

The next three days were unbelievable at times!  I can’t even really explain all of the details or events but I felt confidence, purpose, clarity and peace!  And that is when I knew, God was opening doors for us to join Mercy Ships. Nick will tell you that he could see a difference that he couldn’t explain.  (Our sweet marriage counselor just recently told him that’s when he should have known it was the Holy Spirit.)

At the end of our week there, Nick was offered a position with their IT staff.  So we left with a lot to praise God for and a lot to pray about.  I was ready to move well before Nick.  Every day, for about a week, after we got home he would ask me how I was feeling about the decision. And every day I would look at him with a smile on my face and say, “I still have peace.” He had peace as well, so he took the next step and applied. Last week, he received his official offer letter from Mercy Ships to join their team on August 17th!

We are excitedly anticipating what God has planned for us during this next season of life in Texas working with Mercy Ships!

Here is a link to a 13 minute segment that 60 Minutes did on Mercy Ships – check it out!


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  1. Trisha
    February 24, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    so glad you have found peace and purpose for your lives. Mercy ships are lucky to have you and once again you will be missed tremendously. Best of luck but it’s Gods guidance and blessing you won’t need luck.

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