It’s Not About Me?

It's not about meWe all struggle with it, don’t we?  The ME factor.  If you don’t, please let me in on your secret!

Nick and I had the privilege of going down to the Mercy Ships International Operations Center in Garden Valley, Texas last month.  While we were there Nick worked on some IT projects, we met a TON of wonderful people, and we also got to attend a class called Foundations of Mercy Ships.  Going into this class I expected to learn a lot about the organization, what they stand for, how and why they use ships, etc.  What I was not expecting was a major heart check!

Sitting in class on the first day, I was presented with this question: “Have you ever asked, How do I find God’s will for my life?”. Well, yeah!  Haven’t most of us?  The teacher went on to say, “How about changing that question to, How do I find God working and join Him?” The difference is the focus.  The first one is ME, ME, ME.  How do I find God’s will for MY life?  The Holy Spirit began to show me areas of my life where I have lost sight of Him and let ME get in the way.

So began a wonderful week full of challenge, prayer, and refocusing!  Walking by Grace – wouldn’t want to walk any other way!


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