Let’s dream a bit :)

VisionSeveral people that have read our story are wondering about the vision of the ministry we are going to be serving under (Eternal Family Project).  Frankly, they want to know what we are “really” doing once we get to Honduras.

I see the look in people’s eyes, it’s not clear.  Which makes sense because well, we haven’t talked about it much! :)  So I thought, why not dream a bit and discuss  the vision here.  My hope is to answer as many questions as possible!

This vision comes from many brainstorming calls between us and Eternal Family Project’s founder Allison Alexander & the EFP Board.  She is the one taking care of our girls right now, and our girls will know her as aunt Allison.  Needless to say we trust her with our children, and she started all of this alone several years ago.  We have tremendous respect for her!

Our home (the ministry’s 2nd home)

The first priority of Eternal Family Project is the girls we take into our families.  We are going down to adopt our 3 girls: Flor, Stephanie, & Nahomy.  Our plan is to legally adopt our girls, but that process could take 2-3 years or longer.  During that time we are not sure, but we anticipate God showing us more girls to take into our home.

At this point, we have to be somewhat vague because frankly we don’t know…  God could change our plans at any time, so we are just going to be open to what He calls us to do.  Less of us and more of Him is our goal.

The cost to run our house will be about $3,000/month.  That is a bare minimum budget only for basic housing, food, fuel, electric, propane, etc.

We do have ballet in there too for I think $50/month, but I think that’s necessary to make our girls feel like this is a “Forever Family” and NOT AN ORPHANAGE.  I say that to prove a point…. We all want the best for our kids.  These are our kids and I want to give them the best possible life we can.

If you want to know more about our budget just email me using our “talk to us” form.  I’ll be 100% transparent and answer any questions.

The Christian School

All of the girls brought into Allison’s forever family, as well as our girls, come from pasts of abandonment.  Without going into a ton of details, that means that they need a much more specialized education.  Here in the states if you are falling behind we have special education paths to help you catch up.  Not the case there…

So our plan is to open the Eternal Family Project school in August 2013.  To do that we are going to be looking for 2 volunteers to teach for a year.  Financially, we are looking at about $10,000 to start the school for initial supplies, etc.  Then we are looking at $500-$750/month to run the school.

Brittany will teach at the school and all our girls will be going there as well.  Nick will help manage the school as well as any teams/help that comes down to work with the school.

Community Outreach/Center

Allison feels very strongly about starting a community center.  Timing is unsure, that’s up to God.  The possibilities for this are endless in the form of community outreach.  At this time, all the girls are involved in church and have done some community outreach.  We would like to see this outreach grow.

Everything would center around keeping families together to prevent more orphans.  Which is exactly what Eternal Family Project is all about!

So that could mean offering parenting classes, trade school (many orphans come about just because parents cannot afford their kids), sport activities, bible studies, and much more.

As long as the outreach is focused on supporting family units, then we are in line with where God has called this ministry.

Final thoughts

As you can see, we have lots of thoughts that God has put on our hearts!  The extent to which God’s vision happens is up to Him, but we are willing to be used as He directs.

The more people that join us in this vision the more that is possible.  So please get involved.

If you don’t want to get involved with us then do something to support families in your local community!  The point is, do something God is convicting you on.  We are all so different & God asks us to do completely different things with our lives.

You may already be doing what you are convicted on, and if so great :)

Here’s to all of us getting passionate enough to help change something!


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