Major Update from Honduras

As the title suggests, we have a lot to share in this post…

As all of you know, God has redirected our paths since our move to Honduras in June.  Teaching us to trust in Him with each turn, curve, and valley.  We are still working with our social worker from IHNFA and a wonderful ministry called Operation Blessing International to resettle the girls with their mom in a way that helps them get back on their feet.  The social worker is hopeful to have them resettled by mid-November. Operation Blessing is a ministry with a group in San Pedro Sula, where the girls’ mom lives, that works to help families stay together. They focus on teaching trade skills, furthering education, job searching, and so much more. We are so thankful to have been put in contact with them through this process.

The Eternal Family Project School is doing well and the girls are thriving in the more focused environment. We have completed the first quarter of the year. It is hard to believe! We will be adding two girls to the school in about a week.  These two girls were already enrolled in schools that follow the Honduran schedule which is February – November. That school year ended last Friday and the girls are looking forward to joining the EFP school crew!

As for us as a family, we have done a lot of praying and have decided that, Lord willing, we will be moving back stateside early 2014. We have a few new people interested in volunteering in the school for the second semester, and if one of those ladies commits then my classroom will be covered. EFP’s plan is to keep the school up and running for as long as God provides. We will work with them to get teachers each year, offer teacher training during our summer visits to Honduras, and fundraise for the school needs.

We have learned a lot during our time in Honduras. We know that God has used us during this season and will continue to use us throughout the rest of our lives. We do not think of the move back to the States as a defeat, although the enemy wants to think it is. We are choosing to rest in God’s truths. To our supporters, we ask that you would prayerfully consider reallocating the money given to us to support the EFP School. To do that, simply write “EFP School” on your donations instead of “Account 222”.  Giving these girls a solid education that has a firm biblical base is a phenomenal blessing & we believe it is changing generations.

Please be praying for us to have wisdom through this next transition. We know God has a plan, but like all of us sometimes we wish we knew the whole plan right now.  We also ask that you would continue to pray for Flor, Stephanie, Nahomy and their mom as they are resettled.

Much Love,
Nick, Brittany, and Girls


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