Our Baby is 7

How does 7 years go by so fast?

7 years ago РI really thought you were going to be a boy. Mommy and Daddy wanted your gender to be a surprise so we chose not to find out. My pregnancy was so different with you. And then you were born. Another sweet baby girl.

Mya and Mommy


And my heart grew even bigger than I thought possible.

You are tender-hearted and sassy.
You love bugs, worms, and dressing up in high heels.
You make me laugh with your funny sense of humor.
Your warm hugs are the best.
You are a giver. Everyday.
You are a blessing! Happy Birthday, Mya Ann!

***Birthday Interview and Pictures Below***

Mommy: Are you excited to be 7?
Mya: Yes!

Mommy: How did you get so cute?
Mya: I don’t know.

Mommy: Where are we going to eat for your birthday?
Mya: Koi, because I like it and they cook in front of you.
Mya: Do they give you a little treat for your birthday?
Mommy: I don’t think so.
Mya: Hmmmmm.

Mommy: What is your favorite color?
Mya: Ye, ye, yellow!

Mommy: What is your favorite food?
Mya: Spaghetti

Mommy: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Mya: An Aldi’s worker

Mommy: What do you like to do for fun?
Mya: Play outside

Mommy: What else can you tell me about yourself?
Mya: Umm, I don’t know.
Mommy: So, you can’t tell me anything else?
Mya: No.


2008 – Ally and Mya meet for the first time!





2011 - Watermelon on the lake!

2011 – Watermelon on the lake!

2012 - All dressed up

2012 – All dressed up

2013 - First day of school in Honduras

2013 – First day of school in Honduras



2015 - Our baby is getting big!

2015 – Our baby is getting big!


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  1. July 8, 2015 at 7:41 am

    love your family. Proud to be your uncle.

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