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Hello family, friends, and readers!

Before moving to Honduras, I had many great plans—among them was updating our blog every other day.  Needless to say, that plan is not working out so well and either are a few others.  We are learning to lean on God alone each and every day!

2 weeks — it has been a little over 2 weeks since we landed in Honduras.  In some ways it feels like we’ve only been here 2 days and in other ways it feels like 2 years.  I am not even sure where to begin.  These two weeks have taught us so much and I can tell that God is working each day!

The first week in Honduras, we stayed in a local hotel/lodge because our house was having some minor revamps done.  Our days were filled with trips to the hardware store (too many to count), numerous conversations where we knew about 15% of what was being said, hanging out with all of our girls and the EFP girls at Allison’s house, a few trips into the big city of San Pedro, and lots of Ruca’s (AKA Ruthy) yummy food.  Honestly, it didn’t really set in that we had moved until this past week when we moved into our house.

photo (4)

Ally, Mya, and Stephanie (a friend) helping clean

photo (3)

Mariela and Flor pitch in to help clean the front porch

During one of our trips to San Pedro, we stopped by the INFHA (Children’s Services) office to meet with the girls’ social worker.  It just so happened that our girls’ birthmom was there as well.  We were in the same room for about 10 minutes and I truly didn’t know it was possible to have so many thoughts and emotions in such a short amount of time.  Their mom is a precious woman.  I am not just saying it!  She was very meek and mild and you could see her kind spirit.  My heart broke.  As awful as it sounds, it was easier to think of a birthmom as an irresponsible, young girl who just couldn’t get it together.  That is definitely not the case with their mom and our heart has been broken for this sweet lady.  Will you join us in praying for wisdom on how we can help her?

Meanwhile, a very kind team from the States, that had some ties with EFP was in the area working with another ministry.  They graciously offered up a few of their team members and time to help us get the school building painted, desks made and installed, and they even helped me in getting our house set up.  They were a tremendous blessing! It felt quite strange not leaving with the team when their trip was over, an emotion I am sure we will eventually grow accustomed to.

The team paid for us all to go to a park and have an afternoon of fun; pool, lunch, zip line, and a walk to the waterfall!

The team paid for us all to go to a park and have an afternoon of fun; pool, lunch, zip line, and a walk to the waterfall!

A few of the team team members that helped at the school and our house

A few of the team team members that helped at the school and our house

Last week we made it into our house and have been slowly unpacking boxes and organizing our things.  As we settle in here, we are reminded of our family and friends back in the States.  We have days of loneliness, longings to hear familiar voices and see familiar faces.  Other days we are rejuvenated and ready for the tasks that God puts before us.  Currently, our 3 new girls are still living with Allison.  The social worker needs to feel comfortable with us and the house before she approves the move.  We didn’t really anticipate the wait, but we understand and are thankful that they check on these things for the girls’ benefit.

Stephanie always has to be silly in pictures :)

Stephanie always has to be silly in pictures :)


All ready for church

I believe that should catch us all up to speed! We are definitely leaning on God with each decision and circumstance that arrises.  We have to!  He is our survival and honestly, always should have been.  We covet your prayers and appreciate all of the emails, facebook messages, etc.

Brittany (and family)


  2 comments for “Overdue Update

  1. Marcinda Redburn
    June 18, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    Bless you all… I wait for each update like baby birds wait for their momma to come with bits of food!!! I feel so full of pride and joy each time I read an update from you or Nick… so much wisdom and faith sprinkled throughout your tidbits of news… a real feast each time I read a post. Thank you soooo much, I love you all! Here’s your “big ole’ Missouri hug” from me today!! love, Marcinda

  2. June 19, 2013 at 7:21 am

    You have been busy! Thanks for taking the time to share your journey. You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers! What an emotional and amazing journey you have had so far! It sounds like the kind that leaves you no choice but to rely on the Lord! Praying the girls are on your home with you very soon, and also that God makes a clear path for you to help their birth mom in the best way for her and your family. Also praying that Ally and Mya continue to adjust and feel at home in Honduras.

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