This Day

beauty-for-ashesOh there are so many thoughts I could share with you on this day. Some make my heart heavy and others bring life and hope to my soul.

Today, my dad would have turned 53. He would have celebrated with his grand-daughters.

Today, my brother turns 28! He has the sweetest smile and even when he is hard headed, we love him like crazy!

Today, my niece turns 11! She is a joy, so sweet and so caring! I love being an aunt!

Today, we remember the events that lead to an amazing salvation. Jesus, laying down His life, willingly, for you. For me. For everyone. Sinners, all of us. Yet, cleansed and saved by the blood of Christ.

Today, is hard. And beautiful. All at the same time.

Only God can take pain and create beauty. Take the tears and turn them into rejoicing. Take the cross and offer salvation.


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