What if you don’t?

What if you don't?

What if you don’t?

We tend to focus on the “what if you do this” in our conversations about life.

For example, what if you eat healthy & work out?  Will you get that beach body you want, or at least not feel ashamed to wear certain clothes?

The “what if you do this” mentality motivates us to get to the gym and workout – especially in January when we are all trying to perfect our own imperfections…

But I want to ask you a different question today.

What if you don’t?

You see when we ask this question we get in touch with deep fears.  It’s not pleasant, and what I’m about to type may hit you hard.  I say that because it hits me hard, and I don’t believe we are all that different.

What if you don’t… tell your brother or sister or co-worker about Jesus today?

  • Will they end up in hell?

What if you don’t… help out that bum on the street corner that you know you have money to help?

  • Will he lose all hope and commit suicide that day?

What if you don’t… date your spouse & make them feel loved this week?

  • Will she fall victim to some office romance?

What if you don’t… start eating healthy & working out?

  • Are you going to die young from a heart attack?

What if you don’t… adopt that child you have been praying & thinking about?

  • Will they be ’empty’ all their life never knowing the love of a family or Jesus?

For us personally, we find ourselves called to action when we fear God, rather than when we are just trying to “do what is right”.

I’m not saying live in fear all the time.  But the bible does say, “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” (Proverbs 9:10) Sometimes the fear of God can motivate you to do things you would not normally do.

When we prayed about adopting our 3 girls and moving to Honduras, we asked ourselves, “What if we don’t?”

  • Will we be going against God’s will for our lives?
  • Will our girls have a chance at life?
  • What people group does God have planned for us to reach that we don’t even know about yet?
  • Will we regret our decision all our lives?

Not all needs are callings, but this one was one in the same.  This was our need to fill, and there was no amount of justification that could change that.

My challenge is not to discourage you as you read this, but to encourage you!  As you learn to fear God, He will change how you see things – he will make you think, “What if I don’t?”


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