What is Eternal Family Project?

I was watching this video tonight and wanted to share it. It is from a while back, but it really shows where many of the girls in Eternal Family Project came from. For that matter, where Eternal Family Project came from…

After watching it, and knowing how awesome the girls are doing, it’s hard to even think of the dark pasts they came from. In the photos nowadays we see the beautiful smiling faces, but they weren’t always that way.

All I can say is God is at work in this ministry. I don’t think I can express how strongly I feel about that in a blog post – ever.

On a personal note…

I cannot wait to get down to Honduras on March 23rd to meet our girls.

The time staying state-side has been good, but it’s growing a bit long now. I keep telling myself that we need the time to transition out of our life in the US and into life in Honduras. However, as much logical sense as that makes I am getting extremely anxious to have our house with all five of our daughters.

Please pray for Eternal Family Project. That God’s will continues to be done through the ministry and that we do not ever lose sight of His will.

Please pray for our daughters & nieces in Honduras. That they will remain safe & continue to seek God in their lives.

Please pray for us. That we will be patient & make wise Godly decisions about this next chapter of life.


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  1. Laura Vitale
    March 13, 2013 at 5:24 am

    That was just BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for sharing!

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