Who do you trust?


We’ve had so many people asking us a ton of questions lately.  Some of the questions we have thought about already and frankly some catch us off guard.  You see, we didn’t do a massive pros & cons list on this decision.  In fact, for those of you that know me best – it never even made it to a whiteboard :)

Don’t get me wrong, the questions are GREAT and we LOVE people being so interested in our journey.  But sometimes I honestly don’t know how to answer.   So I’ll try to combat it with a logical answer…but sometimes logic threatens to challenge the direction we know God is leading us.

Take these questions:

  • Is it safe there?
  • How will you make enough money to live?
  • What if someone gets hurt?
  • What if you can’t adopt the girls?
  • What if the girls can’t live with you when you get there?
  • And many more

At the end of the day though when I get time to reflect, I get my answer.  We must trust God…

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

I believe in this world we can logic ourselves out of or into just about anything!  So when I find my mind racing I close my eyes and pretend Jesus is sitting in the room with me.  Then I ask Him the question, what would you do?  It takes me out of the equation.

Now I’m not saying I get an audible answer, but usually it’s clear which way to go…

Usually, it’s not the way I “want” to do things.  I’m a bit stubborn like that.  I like control.

I think so many times I put my trust in my ability to think through or plan things out.  If not my own abilities, I go to friends & family to have them think things through for me.

Why though?  I think it’s because we don’t trust God to take care of our problems.  We think He’s too busy or He doesn’t want to hear about my issues.  I’ll solve them myself…

Sometimes we need to step back and just go to God and ask him.  If you don’t hear an audible sound maybe just close your eyes and imagine Him sitting right in the room with you.  What would He tell you to do?

You never know, He might just give you an answer.



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